Setting up your Flickr

If you have attended any of the Urban Sketchers Norwich meetings you may well want to add your drawings to our (and other) Flickr groups: Flickr is a great way to show and share  your work, giving you access to potentially useful feedback and inspiration for free!

First go to and click on the ‘sign up’ button: signup

Because Flickr is owned by Yahoo they want you to have a Yahoo account – if you don’t have one then click on the ‘create new account’ button; they will ask some questions and then give you a lovely Yahoo account (which you probably will never use again except to log-in to Flickr – make sure you remember those log-in names and passwords etc!!):


Once you are logged-in to Flickr go to and click on the ‘join this group’ button. Obviously you can join as many groups as make sense to you… hunt around and you will find many appropriate places to show your work (one thing I would say – the internet is a big place with very wide tastes, unless you have ‘family friendly’ filtering on your search you may find some very adult material!):


You can now ‘upload’ your drawings which you have either photographed or scanned onto your computer by clicking on the ‘upload’ button and dragging the files into the ‘upload window’

Once they are uploaded to Flickr you can click on any one of them and add them to our group (and any others that you have joined) by clicking on the ‘actions’ button and choosing ‘add to group’ from the drop-down menu:



Theoretically it’s that easy! Obviously if you get into any difficulty, or notice that I’ve made any mistakes or omissions then let me know!


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