Links and News and Reviews

Here’s a link to a Roger Dellar two day workshop arranged by Merrie Curtiss-Fuller


Here’s a link to the review of Marc Taro Holmes’ new book (it looks pretty good!):


New Outdoor Painting Group

Richard Bond has suggested a new group for outdoor painting:

“I would suggest we meet on Wednesday Sept 28th at 10.30 in the main foyer at the Forum. There is a car park underneath the building for those who will be driving in. I think there need be no rules to follow other than a) its about painting not drawing, and b) it has to be done outside. A lightweight easel or folding stool (and umbrella if its raining) and set of oil paints or watercolours (and/or pastels) will be necessary.”


Here’s a link to the Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle:

It provides a range of opportunities for members including a life painting group.


Here’s a link to our Flickr group where you can see some of the drawings we have produced.




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